LinkedIn prospecting, finding new customers and influence in sales

Emma Snider of Hubspot recently posted about what she considers to be the little-known ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn. She begins by saying that although salespeople are masters a the art of LinkedIn, sometimes their searching doesn’t yield any relevant prospects.

She goes on to detail seven ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn when search just isn’t cutting it. These include:

  • “People also viewed” sidebar
  • Job changes
  • Competitor Networks
  • Pulse
  • Skill Endorsements
  • Alumni Search
  • Boolean Google Search

Shawn Karol Sandy wrote today about the top ways to find new customers. She points out that the last quarter of the year is the perfect time to ramp up and build your pipeline of future customers, especially if your competition is getting ready to relax for the holidays.

Shawn details three ways you can kick in into a higher gear when finding new customers, including looking deeper in to existing customers by deepening relationships and asking for referrals; go where customers seek answers such as social media and forums and create micro campaigns similar to “lather, rinse, repeat.”

David Brock wrote today about understanding power and influence. He begins by saying that one of the core issues in understanding and influencing a prospect’s buying process is by making sure you are working with the right people. He points out that trying to contact the decision-maker is not always the best choice as they don’t have the time, so they push the decisions down.

David states that it is important to engage with each person involved in the decision. However, that doesn’t mean you have to talk with each one individually and it is best to invest most of your time identifying those people who can get things done quickly.