Sales Professional Traits, never assume and ‘things top sales people do regularly’

Editor over at RainToday, Michelle Davidson recently posted about the top five traits of sales professionals.  She begins by saying you need to ignore the stereotypical behaviours and focus on developing skills and traits that enable people to grow as well as help buyers.

Michelle details the five traits that industry experts say are essential, including have goals, ask questions and listen, do more than push products, do more than is expected and change course as needed.

Deb Calvert wrote today about the dangers of sales people assuming and that as a rule, sellers should never, ever assume. She points out that when sellers make assumptions, sales can be lost as it’s off putting, lazy and it doesn’t work.

She describes the three places in the sales process that she believes are the most dangerous for assumptions being made, including:

  • Making assumptions about the buyers needs
  • Making assumptions about the budget
  • Making assumptions that the buyer speaks your language

Without giving too much away, Deb goes on to say that if sales professionals stop making assumptions they’ll save time, have up to date client information that is correct and be able to position your solutions effectively.

Mark Hunter recently posted his list of things that top performing sales people do regularly.  He says that without a doubt, there are some things that top sales professionals do to be able to excel in both their professional and personal lives.

He lists the ten things he believes they do, including:

  • Plan their work week
  • Don’t allow emails or other routine tasks to consume their day
  • Have a prospecting plan that they follow
  • Know the importance of not allowing their time to be wasted
  • Continually look for ways they can improve
  • Focus on goals in everything they do
  • Have a positive outlook on themselves and their environment