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Salespeople can always strive for improvement at every level, whether they are new to sales or have been involved in the selling of products and services for a number of years.

Our sales guides and resources focus on key areas of selling and are intended to help you with earning more money from your sales activities.

Our sales guides are:

  • How to improve cold calling techniques with our 5,000 word resource on this often-discussed tactic.
  • Thinking of becoming a sales trainer? Our guide explores what would be required.
  • Increasing empathy skills for salespeople to help with skills that can only help with closing deals.
  • How to network as a salespersonat networking events held in your location.
  • A guide on how to overcome B2B sales objections.
  • A list of some of the best books for salespeople to improve any skills deficit.
  • A list of ways to build consumer trust, using historical examples.
  • Compilation of statistics useful for salespeople.
  • A list of films that salespeople should watch.
  • A list of videos about sales objection handling.
  • A handy guide to cold emailing for salespeople.
  • If you’re looking for sales inspiration then our Inspiration for Salespeople guide is perfect.
  • Need motivation for your sales role? Then look no further than our sales motivation guide.
  • If you need to brush up on your sales closing techniques, then our mammoth guide will help.