Using the Map of Sales Experts

Just like using Google Maps, you can drag, zoom and move around the map with your mouse. You may also use the icons on the top-left of the display.

Blue pins represent each expert with yellow and green circles representing clusters of experts, which when zoomed in, dissapear to show individual expert pins.

What each pin displays

Each pin shows a sales expert, their rough location (we have kept it at city level to not intrude), their skill sets, a YouTube video, a book that they have written and finally a description of them and their services.

Not all sales experts included have all features, due to a lack of YouTube video for example.

Over time we will be adding more features to each expert, so be sure to check back often to see how the map improves.

Additions, corrections and sharing

If you are an expert listed on this map and you would like to let us know of a better YouTube video to use, a correction of your location, or would like to send us a description of yourself, please use our contact us page to get in touch.

We would be extremely grateful if you shared this map on social media using the buttons on this screen, or linked to it from your own web page.