Why does Sales Coach World look so basic/dated?

It is very much meant to be this way. Let me explain…

For over 10 years I have worked in online marketing and web design/strategy.  In that time I have built sites with 8+ million web pages, I have built sites that have made millions in revenues (for my clients, not my self, unfortunately) and I have helped to make very small businesses into very large businesses.

In gaining that kind of experience, you see things over and over that ring true.  One of those ‘things’ is that content-heavy, useful resources often dominate a sector and rightly so. So for a lot of my own personal projects, and on projects where clients were brave enough to not have the latest, flashy additions to a new site design, I have built sites that look something like Sales Coach World looks.

Is it easy to read? Yes. Is it useful? It will become more so over time. Is it lightweight and easy to navigate? Yes. Those few things are some of the major reasons why people like using the internet.

Let me show you a site that is an inspiration to me.  Now, the design is very similar to this site, even though I didn’t know that as I created SCW. The site is Business Balls, an online resource created by Alan Chapman that is viewed by over one million people per month.  This site conforms to the attributes that I mention above. Its useful and easy to use.  That is very hard to beat.

So, when people ask why my site looks dated, I will ask them if they found it useful and easy to navigate.  The answer is almost always, “yes”.