What do sales coaches read on the internet?

One of the main reasons for producing Sales Coach World is to become a resource for sales training companies and sales coaches themselves.  Yes, I want to help people to find the correct sales coach and online sales courses themselves, but I would like to give something back to those that coach businesses in selling.

As I have stated in a previous blog post, I could not find a website that was a sales coach hub in the way that I envisage SCW to be, which leads me to the question, “What do sales coaches read on the internet?”.

Like me, I’m sure that they read from great resources such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur – but what else do they read? Are they all members of NASP? Do they all trust TrainingIndustry.com? Over the next year I intend to find only the most important, useful resources that the sales coaching community find the most useful.