Sales routines, flying under the radar and passing gatekeepers

Sales Coach World favourite, Paul Castain wrote today about changing up your sales routine, to help avoid having the ‘same old, same old’ feeling every week. Paul  gives examples of the ten things he does when he wants to  change his routine, including:

  • Remember that there is a whole world out there beyond phone calls
  • Take a good look at how you sequence your ‘’touches’’
  • Think about adding creativity to your routine
  • Review your messaging techniques
  • Change your scenery
  • Look at your routine and consider a departure from some of your ‘rituals’
  • Consider mentally firing yourself from the industry and rehiring yourself in your prospects or clients industry.

Paul gives a few more examples of the things he does when stuck in a rut, saying that if you try them out it won’t be long before you feel like someone has pushed the fast forward button on your week.

Jamie Shanks recently posted about his prospecting tips to help you fly under the radar. He beings by saying the social selling tips and tools that can help you to stay under the radar are so obscure that if you do use them you go much farther and faster than your competition

Jamie gives seven of his best prospecting tips for staying under the radar, including go straight to the inside story,  conserve your InMails, be more attractive, scan for buying signals,  call on the team,  reward curiosity and deepen your relationships.

Mike Brooks’ latest post is all about the prospects that only take emails, and what you can do to keep their attention. Mike points out that the best thing to do when you come across an objection from a gatekeeper saying ‘they don’t take outside calls’, is to start at the beginning.

Without giving too much away, Mike gives examples of ways you can avoid the natural screening a gatekeeper, including using an assumptive, directive approach, followed by a please at the end.  The post also lists phrases you can use to get past the gatekeeper and onto the decision maker, advising which ones you should pick based on your personality.