Prospecting mistakes, customer profiles and commanding the sales stage

Sales favourite Paul Castain recently posted about the prospecting mistakes that are potentially limiting your sales opportunities. He wants people to think about how they hunt for new business and the message you are typically communicating to prospects.

He lists four mistakes that sales professionals often make in detail, including always communicating the message that you want to sell your prospect something, using the same kind of outreach every time, prospecting inconsistently and doing predictable things.

He points out that people are taking opportunities every day but they are not taking your opportunities because they have a better company in mind, one that shows up consistently when you don’t.

Jami Oetting of Hubspot wrote today about creating an ideal customer profile and the mistakes sales professionals need to avoid in the process. She explains that a lot of companies will try to be all things to all customers, pushing customers into defining their brands and emphasising points of differentiation.

She details five common mistakes that sales reps often make when creating their customer profiles, including:

  • Creating a ‘wish’customer
  • Limiting your ideal customer
  • Creating too many personas
  • Claiming that you are the hero
  • Relying on your team to define your ideal customer

Jami uses these points to advise how to build the ideal customer profile, helping you to prospect in a purposeful way and better serve the customers that are the best fit for your company.

Julie Hansen recently posted her top tips that will help sales reps grab and hold a prospects attention . She explains that in order to get a buy-in into the vision you are presenting to prospects you must inhabit your ‘stage’ with the complete conviction and confidence of a great performer.

She gives five tips and goes into detail, explaining how each of them will help sales rep to command the sales stage and win more business. These tips include:

  • Banish self-consciousness
  • The reason for walking is the destination
  • Keep smiling while talking
  • Do-Re-Mi your vocal pitch
  • Break it up into 7-minute stretches