Increase Motivation, getting personal with buyers and the power of empathy

Sales Coach World favourite, Mark Hunter, recently posted about ways to increase your motivation and your sales. He begins by saying that sales and motivtion both drive each other, as salespeople want to close as many sales as possible so their motivation needs to be at its highest.

Mark gives ten ways to increase your motivation and your sales, including:

  • Celebrate your successes each day
  • Set a small goal you know you can accomplish first thing Monday morning as a way to jumpstart your motivation
  • Hang around with positive people
  • Never think you’re a victim of something
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem
  • You are the best person to motivate you

Emma Snider, of Hubspot, recently wrote about the reasons salespeople need to get ultra-personal with buyers. She points out that the buyer-seller relationship is primarily a professional one, where buyers tell salespeople their business problems and salespeople find the solutions.

Without giving too much away, Emma goes into detail about some statistics that prove salespeople need to get personal with their buyers, asking questions that spark a person value discussion. These include ‘What are your goals?’ and ‘What will happen to you if this problem goes unsolved?’

Michelle Davidson wrote today about the power of empathy in sales. She begins by saying that when you see things from another person’s perspective, you are able to better understand thier challenges and needs, something that is absolutely vital in sales. When communicating with a prospect, onboarding a new sales rep or evaluation a training programme, you will be more effective when you view things from another person’s point of view.

Michelle goes on to say how time is premium for customers and they expect something in value in return for it. Michelle suggests to provide something of value and not waste your prospects time. Follow this simple three step process: have a compelling opening, provide a pay-off and ask for commitment.