My name is James Welch and I’m the creator of Sales Coach World. I have been in sales, albeit indirectly, for a number of years and after an experience with a sales coach, wanted to create a website that centralised sales coaches and sales experts across the world. I am from a place called Stoke on Trent in the UK, but Sales Coach World content is written for all english speakers.

Sales Coach World (SCW) is a free global sales training and coaching resource for salespeople and those looking for coaching for their sales teams.  It is also a resource for sales coaches themselves and a place where coaches and trainers offerings will be reviewed and reported upon.

SCW was launched at the beginning of 2015. I have been fascinated with sales training techniques and read many sales books over the years (currently around ~350).

The philosophy of the website is intended to be an ethical, enjoyable, useful and interesting resource for those who would like an independent opinion of sales techniques and products and services that are offered by sales coaches across the western world.


This site is primarily aimed at those in North America, the UK and Australia.  As SCW is ran by someone from the UK, spellings will be of the UK variety and may be not what some North American and Australian visitors are used to.

Guest Writers

I am always looking for excellent content from coaches, trainers and those that have had experience in working with them. Please get in touch with me to discuss how you can become a contributor.  Overly promotional material will not be published and all content should have at its heart a desire for people to improve their knowledge of sales.


Currently SCW uses Google Adsense to provide income for the running of the site.  There are also several paid promotion slots for sales training companies and coaches who would like to promote their books, services and products.  There will also soon be a paid promotion directory available.